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Achieve A Successful Hire... Every Time

Job Profile is a powerful tool that delivers an in depth look into a candidates’ personality style - matching their strengths and talents to your job requirements.

Our psychometric profile gives you the ability to make scientifically better choices about your candidates and the outcomes are impressive – improved performance, higher quality work and increased happiness in the job.

We guarantee that once you’ve tried Job Profile – you’ll achieve a successful hire... every time.

Assess Your Candidates

Job Profile helps you find out essential traits about a candidate’s behaviour and attitude before they even show up for the interview.

Report Features Include:

  • What talents and behaviours they bring to the job
  • Their work-related strengths and how they handle stress
  • The most productive environment for them
  • Their sales and leadership strengths
  • How to communicate and motive them
  • How they can make a difference to your business and the job performance

View A Sample Candidate Report

Quick & Easy To Use

The online survey takes 15 minutes for a candidate to complete and you automatically receive a copy of their report.

Saving You Time & Money

Job Profile offers world class features that are competitively priced.

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Why Use JobProfile Psychometric Personality Assessments For Recruitment?

Evidence now demonstrates the significant impact of measuring and developing personality strengths and natural talents for a successful hire. Numerous studies have shown that modern psychometric personality assessments like JobProfile are valid predictors of future job performance and job satisfaction. Statistics show that over 75% of employers use personality testing to aid in selection decisions as well as evaluation of personnel.

Psychometric personality tests are widely used as part of the recruitment and selection process by employers and recruiters, and more often they are an important part of personal and team development. In recruitment, the purpose of a psychometric test is to assess the match between a person and a job. In team development they can be used to find out the strengths and limitations of individuals, how they fit into a team and how they can behave more effectively. From a personal development point of view, they help someone to increase their self-awareness and understand the impact of their behaviour on others.

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